We are able to take any product from our rough material to a completely finished piece, but we can also simply plane and join materials, or prepare a ready-to-finish piece for you to complete. We are flexible and can prepare material for your specific needs.


Planing (up to 24” wide, 13’ long) and Joining (20” wide, 13’ long) dimensional lumber:
$90 per shop hour (1 hour minimum)

Wide Belt Sanding up to 180 grit (up to 36” wide, and 13’ long) dimensional lumber:
$120 per shop hour (1 hour minimum)



(beams, mantles, burls, curved elements, stock thicker than 4 inches –
discounts over 50 square feet surfaced)

Planing and Joining (same capacities as above):
$5 per surface/square foot

Wide Belt Sanding up to 180 grit:
$14 per surface/square foot

Pictured: Martin planer and joiner with two 8-foot 10×10 Burr Oak mantles. We can plane mantles up to 11 inches thick x 24 inches wide. These weigh approximately 220 pounds each.

Rough Milling
(skimming elements with circular sawmill to remove twist, bow, or cupping) for pieces wider than 20” jointer:
$80 fee + 2 per surface/square foot

Hand Planing, Sanding, and surfacing slabs (larger than 36 wide):
$25 per surface/square foot


We can plane, join, glue up, sand, and final dimension simple elements:
$60-90 per shop hour

Custom Woodworking
–  tabletops, bartops/counters, doors, wainscoting, and mantles. We bid a wide variety of custom woodworking elements (see galleries page for examples).

Call 316-351-2250 to set up an individual consultation or bid for your unique piece.