Milling Trees and Drying Lumber


We can both mill your trees and offer you quality air or kiln drying.

The Process

Schedule an appointment with us to either drop off your logs or arrange to have them delivered*.  Once the project is finished, you’ll pick up your lumber, fresh off the mill or dried.


As an example, an 8’6″ long walnut log with a diameter of 20″, milled into 1” thick boards, would take about 1.5 hours to mill and would yield about 110 board feet of lumber. Your cost would be $150 for milling. As volume increases our price per board foot decreases significantly.


$100 per hour.

Air Drying

$ .75 per BF (4/4)  (6-18months)
$ 1.75 per BF (8/4)  (18-24 months) (Slabs are 2.10)

Kiln Drying

$.90 per BF (4/4-6/4)
$1.90 per BF (8/4)(Slabs are 2.25)

*We recommend Huff’s Professional Tree Service for tree removal.  They can transport logs to us for milling.  (316) 871-3841

The minimum for our drying rates is 500 BF. We can dry smaller batches, but we charge an additional fee for the increased handling, and the timeline may be longer as we have to combine loads. Please contact us for details at 316-351-2250 or email us.

We offer these drying prices only for standard length logs (4’8” or 8’8”).  Specialty drying of flitch, slab or other varied material is priced on a case by case price.