Lead Operator and Machinist

Lead Operator and Machinist

The Lead Operator position at Elderslie Woodworks is a year round staff position responsible for operating the sawmill equipment and executing woodworking projects in the woodshop. The Lead Operator exercises his or her work under the supervision of the Operations Manager. The right person for this position is attentive and present in mind at all times, is eager and active to push and work hard with enthusiasm, and is willing to learn new skills daily. The applicant has interest in woodworking, lumber milling, and processing hardwood timber, and has some experience around construction tools or heavy equipment.

About the Endeavor

Elderslie Woodworks is a division of Elderslie Farm that uses locally and sustainably harvested hardwood timber to serve the woodworking needs of our region. Elderslie aims to demonstrate the value and beauty of our local resources through careful selection, processing, and personable involvement in our customer’s aspirations, designs, and projects. We aim to share the beauty of Kansas lumber, whether through the sale of premium, kiln dried rough lumber or quality and precision crafted woodworking finish pieces.

Remuneration & Time Requirements

  • Full time with some evening and weekend expectations (overtime pay beyond 40 hours each week when approved by supervisor)
  • Hourly wage commensurate of experience and skill sets
  • 1 week paid time off each year, flexibility for unpaid time off when approved by supervisor
  • Raises and compensation discussed every 12 months on the job with supervisor
  • Room to advance and grow within the endeavor with added responsibilities and skill sets

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Ability to lift heavy lumber and table tops daily for long shifts
  • Athletic hustle while working and completing tasks
  • Have a strong passion for quality construction and creative work
  • Attention to detail and precision work
  • Previous involvement with carpentry, construction, power tools, or woodworking hobby
  • Experience with farm or landscaping work

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience in logging, milling, or processing hardwood timber
  • Experience in cabinet making or countertop fabrication
  • Two years of experience with heavy equipment (tractor, forklift or skidsteer operation)

Specific Responsibilities

  • Carry out and execute woodshop projects with autonomy and self-motivation as assigned by the Operations Manager
  • Seasonal operation of sawmill equipment
  • Manage day to day operations of sawmill processing during that season
  • Maintain orderly and safe work environment at all times for ease of operation and the safety of Elderslie customers and staff
  • Handle large lists of tasks with efficiency, effectiveness, and desire for thorough and beautiful work

General Responsibilities

  • Contribute and participate as an active member of the team, both of Elderslie Woodworks and Elderslie Farm
  • Assist with the general operations of Elderslie Farm and other divisions of the business as assigned
  • Contribute to the ethos and quality of Elderslie Woodworks and Elderslie Farm
  • Take pride in the quality of their work and desire to always improve and push skill sets

To apply, email resume and references to nick@eldersliewoodworks.com.