Inventory Update Feb 2, 2018

Our updated stock of lumber at Elderslie Woodworks includes slabs and dimensional lumber in Black Walnut, Burr Oak, Silver Maple, Sycamore, and Osage Orange (Hedge) in various shapes and sizes for carpentry projects, table tops, countertops and other projects.  Scroll over the pics to see details. Give us a call at 316-351-2250 for information or to make an appointment.



In December of 2017 we milled and stacked the largest Walnut logs we have milled to date. The 10-foot and 11-foot pieces pictured here averaged 30-40″ at their narrowest. These sets were all milled at 10/4 (or 2-5/8ths inch actual). Now for a few years of careful air drying before the kiln perfects them to years to come…



We offer milling and drying for our customers, as well. This is about 500 board feet being dried for one of our long-time customers.


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